Strut Assemblies


  • High quality struts and shocks that replace worn OEM parts, designed for each model with excellent driving performance.
  • Cover complete applications including American, Europe and Asian models,forpassenger cars, trucks, Van and SUVs.


  • Gas-charged premium strut: which is made of high quality oil seal,
    fluid and piston rod, pass million times fatigue testing.
  • OE quality strut mount: The thickness and strength of the plate are up
    to the original equipment standards. Only high quality natural rubber
    and Oil lubricated anti-friction bearings are used in production.
  • High quality powder coating coil spring: All our springs are
    manufactured using the latest cold coiling technology and pass the
    strictly heat treatment and shot peening process, to achieve the OE
    specifications with qualified stiffness, spring rates and height.
  • Long lasting rubber and new polyurethane boot and bump stop: Pro
    tect the precise chrome piston rod of the strut from road dirt and hard

Design in Europe

Located in the U.K.,  our design team has specialized in designing and...


Product Design

We use the latest Computer Aided Design software and CAM package. Proto-type parts are made in house...


Quality control

From the parts to the finished products, from the assembly process to final packaging, we insist strict production...